The best tasting jerky is the product of your own hands, from the field to the kitchen. Realtree Outfitters jerky making supplies by Weston make the kitchen part fun and easy.

Easily turn wild game and fresh harvests into snacks like jerky and trail mix for hunting, fishing, and camping trips. This heavy duty Realtree Outfitters 8 Tray Food Dehydrator by Weston is easy to use and easy to clean. Make delicious, homemade jerky from fresh game. Jerky and snack stick making is easy with this heavy-duty Realtree Outfitters Jerky & Snack Stick Gun by Weston. Features large capacity tubes and an easy squeeze trigger. The heavy duty Realtree Outfitters Realtree Outfitters Manual Meat Tenderizer & Jerky Slicer by Weston lets you easily turn your wild game into tender meats and homemade jerky.
8 Tray Food Dehydrator
Our Price: $159.99
Jerky & Snack Stick Gun
Our Price: $59.99
Manual Meat Tenderizer & Jerky Slicer
Our Price: $149.99
Edge. The great things you do with your game makes you that much better of an outdoorsman. And nothing showcases an excellent kill like delicious homemade jerky. Solidarity. This jerky gun makes jerky making exciting and effortless - family time well spent. Versatility. Not only does this meat tenderizer double as a slicer, it does so masterfully. Even the toughest meats are no match for its heavy-duty construction.