Want to make the most out of every morsel of your harvest? You'll need a sausage stuffer for that! Vertical sausage stuffers are the best way to make sausage, and sausage is the best way to make every cut of the animal taste delicious. We've made two high quality options for you, each built with heavy duty steel.

5 lb Sausage Stuffer
Our Price $189.99
7 lb Sausage Stuffer
Our Price: $209.99
Well made. A well made Sausage Stuffer from Realtree & Weston that gets the job done not only right, but with style. With single speed heavy duty steel gears, sturdy steel housing with rubber feet for stability, and a stainless steel canister, you can count on this stuffer to produce. Durability. This heavy duty stuffer is for outdoorsmen with a true affinity for sausage. Boasting a 7 lb. stainless steel canister and dual speed steel gears, this machine is tough enough for serious sausage making.